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  • Trivelis


    One and only DBSS in Clementi
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  • Choice1 Home Loans

    Choice1 Home Loans

    home loans,malaysia,buyer,property,mortgage

    Choice1 Home Loans are consumer advocates in the home loan selection process, helping home buyers to assess qualification, select a home loan, complete and submit the required documents for application and approval.
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    housing,property agency,property,rental

    DEANS – A brand name established since 1982. For more than 30 years, DEANS REALTORS has positioned itself to be a premier boutique real estate agency. We boast a highly successful track record in effectively marketing various types of properties in Singapore.
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  • Bernard Realty

    Bernard Realty

    property sale,property rental,residential office,warehouses

    In our prudent efforts to maintain a robust presence in this challenging diversifying yet conductive environment, we take great pride in serving your discerning needs wherever you are. Our main concern is to provide real estate assistance to expatriates of diversified nationalities, individuals and corporations alike, in their search for locating suitable residential, office, factories, warehouses and accommodations in accordance to their specific needs and requirements.
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  • Gao Feng Yuan

    Gao Feng Yuan

    property,housing,private property,luxury living,natural scenery

    Surroundings that are beautiful and majestic make Gao Feng Yuan the perfect place for tranquil living. It has a gorgeous panorama of rolling hills surrounded by a thick, luxuriant forest that just calls out to the adventurous at heart. More than just that, there are cascading waterfalls, meandering streams and winding jungle trails. Here, inspiration is in the air.
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